Himalayan IT Client Success story Testimonial

Dear Client’s / Visitors,

The success story of Himalayan IT has proved that with continuous support of client’s, feedback, constant improvement and technological innovation can bring growth, prosperity and longevity for any organisation.

Many experts of the Industry hadexpected that in an ever-rising competitive scenario, the quality of work will come down, especially in the rate-sensitive website segment. However, with the pace at which Himalayan IT has earned the credentials, trust and faith of clients hasproved them wrong. Our Quality delivery has constantly got better and our foundation of technological innovation is being built with the confidence thatlow competitiverate’s services being offered no longer matter to the buyers.

Twenty years of consecutive deliveries have had an impact on our existence, especially in overnight shops markets or better we say fly by night short term service providers. However, Himalayan IT, with the robust service delivery and after sales service delivery mechanism, continues to show robust growth year on year.

These growth numbers are despite pandemic and global economic challenge’s.

The first half of 2002-2010 was driven by growth from domestic buyers to build their businesses on world wide web with the help of Himalayan IT. However, post 2010 the client’s based increased to overseas market from Seychelles, London, Australia and USA. So far Himalayan IT has continued to deliver IT Solutions in the recent years with overseas business reflecting the strength in the capabilities of Himalayan IT, which has defied cheap offerings from competitor’s.

Before an organisation start’s selling IT Solutions, it is worth to be noted that constant skill upgradation, innovation and new technologies adaption is key necessity for survival and giving results to client’s. Himalayan IT generallyadopts a constant Learning approach as tool and protocol along with the usual business activities. This involves participation in Seminar’s, Learning Business Tool’s, skill training and internet research with group discussion with Industry Leader’s on emerging technologies.

The optimism and motivation we carry has enabled us to rub off the challenges that have come across and paved the way for path to success.

Thank You
Regards - Neeraj Arora
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