Sales Force Automation Software Application India

  Guest Reservation and Billing
  The Salient Features of the module will be
  The Reservation section will capture the following information about the guest; the software will have the automatic incremental reservation number which will be unique for each guest.
  • Guest Name
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure Date
  • Room Type
  • Room Number
  • Plan Type
  • Rate
Guest Information:
The Guest will be of two types one who have already visited the hotel and the other a new registration.
In case the guest has already registered (stayed in hotel earlier) the front desk executive does not need to re-enter the entire information, the software will have record of all the information and it can entered by selecting the guest name or his previous reference number.
Every time a new guest is registered he will be given a unique reference number which will be used for the future references.
Once a Guest is selected or entered for the first time the system will have the option to enter the guest notes, the system will display and prompt the user to enter any pertinent information about the reservation or guest. Previous guest notes from that guest will also appear if they exist
The System will also capture the other details of the guest such as:
• Street Address
• City
• Country
• Home Phone Number
• Nationality
• Passport Number (If Foreigner)
• Birth Date (for automatically birthday wishes)
• Anniversary Date (for automatically anniversary wishes)
Arrival-Departure Date and Time
Arrival date and time is the arrival date and time of the guest or group.The date and time can be entered by the on-screen calander which displays the date and time to make the entry more user friendly.
Nights is the number of nights that this reservation is being made for. The length of the reservation can be increased and decreased by clicking on the (-) or (+) button.
Departure date is the departing date or check-out date of the guest or guests. This date will be displayed automatically depending on the number of nights that had been previously entered above.The day of the week will also be displayed for both the arrival (check-in) and departure (check-out) dates entered
Room Type / Room Category
Room Type/ Room Category will be the type of room that is being requested. These room types and associated rates will be available on the drop down menu from the room type master.
On-Line rooms availability status and rates will be displayed on the screen.
The display can be viewed by clicking the button which will give the complete list of the available rooms with specific dates which can be filtered, sorted, and printed as required.
This feature is similar to the room chart in its functionality during the reservation process.
Room Number
Room Number is the room that will actually be reserved for the Reservation.The list of the rooms will be displayed by click of mouse. The room list will also display the description of the room such as number of beds, floor, condition of room, repairs pending, phone, portable bar, etc. All this information about a room can be set up temporarily or permanently. The description or characteristics of a room can always be modified.
Plan Type
The Plan type can be selected from the drop down list
• EP
• CP
• AP
Guest Type
The guest type will have the information on the number of the adults and children.The Adult / child refers to the number of adults and children checking in. The format will be for example 2/1, which will stand for 2 adults and 1 child. The total number of adults in a room can have additional charges added to the daily rate. This can be setup in Room/Rate Maintenance, in Setup Module .
Rate entry field represents the one night rate of the type of room chosen.The Rate list can be picked up from the drop down menu with the various options of the room OR it can be directly entered By clicking the mouse button you will be able to display the different rates set up for that room type.
Discount field represents a discount for the Reservation.This discount can be group rates, special promotions, or guest discounts known in advance.
Miscellaneous Charge
Miscellaneous Charge is the Rate per Night of any additional charges that are recognized at the time of the booking. For example, extra beds, limousine service, special dinning plans, or group trips through the hotel guest services, etc. (Optional)
Travel Agent
This will be the list of the authorized travel agents.
Information which will be computed automatically
• Reservation Total
• Group Total
• Total Room Revenue
• Total tax
Group Reservations
Group reservation is used to link multiple reservations under a common group leader, which may or may not be staying at the hotel. The leader could be a guest or a company that will be direct billed and invoiced through account receivable (A/R).
The Group reservation can be further divided into two categories.
• Similar group will have the same length or stay, unit type and rate type.
• Diversified group will have guest members with different units and rate types.
Updating, Canceling and Restoring Reservations
The reservations can be updated, cancelled and restored. The Contents can be updating by selecting the existing reservation, the up-dations can be adjustments and additional postings including payments, charges, etc.
When first selecting the update reservation a list of existing reservations will be displayed in Arrival Date Order.
The updates can be done by double-clicking on the reservation to be updated.
The Search can be limited by entering the first few letters of the guest’s last name and then clicking on the retrieve button.
To cancel the reservation, select a reservation to cancel. Based on the cancellation policy the amount will be received from the guest or will be deducted from the advance deposit
Check In Menu
The Check-IN menu will consists of
• Walk-IN
• Check-IN
The Walk-IN guest does not have a reservation. This is the only difference between Walk-IN and Check-IN.
All the reservations that has not been checked-IN will be available for check-IN. The Screen will display all the reservations that can be checked in , the front desk executive can retrieve the information by entering the last name ,arrival date OR the Unique reservation number allotted / given to the guest
Check-OUT / Folio Billing
Once a guest is checked-IN the system will generate folio billing information. On selection of the folio billing icon the software will display the folio selection screen. The search can be limited by entering the room number OR last name etc. The software will default to all outstanding occupied Guests.
Check-OUT Guest Button
The Check-OUT Button will check out the Guest and prompt for the print a last Billing Receipt.
Folio/Billing History
Once a guest is checked out the software will generate a folio history.
Direct Billing Reconciliation  
The software will support the company accounts with credit limit (The company referred over here is the organization which does the reservations on behalf of the hotel and takes the payments directly on there name).Overpayments, credits and partial payments are supported. The past data can be adjusted to reflect any change in direct billing folio. Once a guest is checked out, the payment is automatically posted to respective company folio and company wise e can generate company wise folio can be generated.
Night Audit
Night Audit is an activity which is carried by the authorized persons such as Administrator or the auditor, this audit is useful to find out if there is any thing improper which can be reported to the management. The result of the audit / outcome is the hotel transaction activities carried out on that day
Guest Feedback
The Guest-Feedback assess the quality of various services rendered by the hotel to the guest and take necessary measures.The Hotel can view the complaints ,suggestions and other general information given by the Guests.
Document and Emailing
Standard Templates will be maintained based on the type of the documents which can be used and mailed to the guests such as when the reservation gets confirmed or thanking the guest for his stay or informing the guest new package introduction etc.
The users does not need to create the complete document every time, the user can pick up the type of the template and other information about the guest will be filed by the software and can be mailed or printed.
This can also be used for the Mass-Mailing
Travel Agent Information
The software will keep record of all the travel agents will associate the travel agent responsible while checking-IN the guest. There will be a report which will display travel agent wise guest check-IN, this will help to assess the travel agent performance and take measures.
Business Source and Marketing Codes
Software will allow defining the business sources and deciding whether he could be commissioned or not.
Room Exchange/ Shift
The software will transfer all the information of the user if any given point of time guest wants to exchange/ shift the room. 
Wakeup call
The software will store the information of the wake-up call for each room.
Card Scanner (Optional)
Every guest can be given a card (Barcode embedded) which will store the information about the identity of the user; this will help the front desk in the busy hours of check-IN and Check-OUT to search the user’s details.
House Keeping
The software will allow scheduling housekeepers based on projected occupancy using the built-in scheduler. This will make the job of the front desk executive to verify if some housekeeping work has to be done or has been done.
Lost and Found
his facility will be used to record any unclaimed left out baggage or other commodities within Hotel. Also if a guest complains regarding lost of any item within the hotel, front desk executive can do that using this facility. It displays lost and found items list separately and desk clerk can keep track of who has found or who claimed that.
The software will capture the details of enquires which has been received by the front desk executive OR which has been posted on the web.
Color code scheme for quick reference
The entire software will have the color codes for specific functions or activities which can be used for the quick reference and visual display.
Sample Reports
Room Report
• Room-Rate
• Available Rooms
• Reserved Rooms
• Room History
• Room wise Guest Report
• Room Chart
• Room rent posing
• Net Revenue by Room
Reservation Report
• All reservation report
• Revenue Forecast report
• Room Reservation Chart
• Cancel Reservation List
Guest Report
• Guest Check-IN
• Guest Check-OUT
• Guest History
Group Report
• Group and Stay summary report
Daily Report
• Shift Report
• Cashier Report
• Charges summary report
• Daily rental report
• Daily balance report
• Daily collection report
• Daily room status report
• Tax detail report
• Rate variation report
• Daily revenue report
Similarly monthly and yearly reports like
Other Reports
• Housekeeping 
• Lost and Found
• Travel agent commission
• Document and Mailing
• Deposit aging

What are the key features of this software?

  • Unlimited number of Forums, Sub Forums, Posts, Groups and Members
  • Private Messaging System
  • Fast and efficient database backend system
  • Advanced searches through discussion topics, comments, and users.
  • Comprehensive administration control panel wherein the administrator can completely change the layout, style, language, and all application settings through an intuitive and easy to navigate settings tab.
  • Template driven interface that allow scustomization according to your requirements