Are you looking for internet-based solutions

Himalayan IT Solutions -Solutions lets you do everything you want to do on the web with one easy-to-use, cost effective secure world wide online file transfer from anywhere in the world .

Share Portal is a web based application software developed organisation needing an internet-based solution for file Sharing, file delivering and Collaboration which is Simple, Flexible, easy to use, secure and can be quickly deployed with administrative overheads.

Do you want to...?

  • Send, Recieve, Store, Backup all file types?
  • Secure Upload and Download?
  • Send large file without any Restriction?
  • Unique ID & Password?
  • Administration Control?
  • Create Folder & Sub Folder?
  • Move file from one folder to another ?
  • Virtual File Storage for Remote offices?
  • Capture & Process Visitors Information?
  • Maintain Consistent Web Updation?

The solution is meant for Organisations or individuals, Groups who have a need for Data transfers and quick data access among their people.

For Example if there is a need to send some very important document from one branch to another or the Head Office, general practice is to send it through email but if you do not have the access to email client it becomes difficult to access the email. Moreover emails are not very reliable and gets lost or deleted many times in the transit which is a big risk for sensitive and important document.

The Solution takes care of all this and more :

  • It makes the data available to you on the net which is just a password away.
  • You can act as if it is your own hard disk and store it
  • The data can be made available for any one you want.
  • You can create and delete folders and manage the files effectively as well.

It stores all Data Formats as under, be it :

  • MS Word. Doc
  • Excel files
  • Database files
  • Picture files (JPG, TIFF, GIF etc.)
  • Sound files (Wav, MMP3 etc.)
  • Movie Files (AVI, DAT etc.)
  • AUTO CAD Design data files and many more …

  • Why & How it is better than emailing ?

  • You do not need any email client software like outlook express
  • No need to remember emails.
  • Data transfer is sure shot, not like email where uncertainty & delay is routine.
  • It is more secured if you opt for security option.
  • Heavy files mostly do not go through emails easily.
  • It works just as an extension of your own hard disk.